Welcome to our new brand and new site: The Eating Disorder Institute

The services provided on this site are five years old as of October 31, 2016. There have been two name changes and three distinct online identities in that time frame as I have developed my own patient advocacy practice within the eating disorder treatment space. Each shift reflects, hopefully, improvements in our service offering and our ability to provide well-researched and conflict-of-interest-free information on how adults with eating disorders might navigate the condition into complete remission.

Nick Lee: Flickr.com

Nick Lee: Flickr.com

This latest change from Your Eatopia to The Eating Disorder Institute marks the biggest shift we have made so far, but one that I hope reflects the true breadth and depth of information we have synthesized over the years here in this online space.

Each change brings that familiar combination of excitement and trepidation for me, and likely for all of you who have come here over the years for information and support. This rework has been underway for the past six months and has necessarily involved my retreat from more frequent posts and updates on the former site as well. Thank you to our community for your patience over this past half year as you have waited for the changes to unfold.

We have become more well known within existing research and treatment spaces around the world and many now refer their patients to our site. And for those of you who stumbled upon this site perhaps many months or even years ago, you have provided feedback to confirm that the material was difficult to navigate at times and full references needed to be readily available for each post. We have addressed the gaps we felt were present in our former site and hopefully we have succeeded in generating all the improvements you have told us you wanted to see and more.

For an explanation of the new Eating Disorder Institute logo, please visit the EDI Logo under About in our menu bar.


It may take some time for those of you familiar with the old site to navigate around the new categories and features of this site. The “SEARCH” function in the upper right hand corner is likely the best way to find what you might need— we are very pleased with how well this tool works (thank you Squarespace!). Squarespace remains our website host and provider.

If you are already a registered member, then you remain one and nothing has effectively changed for the forums with the exception of the name change for the site.

The main Your Eatopia site will completely resolve to the new Eating Disorder Institute site, so bookmarks from that site should work to take you to the same material on the new site here.

More Brand Name Changes


The next big news is the renaming of the MinnieMaud Guidelines to the Homeodynamic Recovery Method (HDRM). Our white rabbit (with the green outline) remains as the logo for HDRM, but the new name reflects more accurately the holistic scope of the recovery method outlined on this site. For more information, please visit the Homeodynamic Treatment Method under Treatment in the menu bar.

There is also a new brand you’ll be seeing more of on the Eating Disorder Institute site in the months and years to come: the peacock of Anicca Managed Active Care. While the focus is, and will remain, the pursuit of full remission from eating disorders here at The Eating Disorder Institute, we intend to provide more information and materials that would be relevant for those needing to manage an active state of an eating disorder. While remission from an eating disorder is always possible at any age or stage of the condition, it is not always feasible. Many with active and enduring eating disorders quite rightly feel marginalized within the eating disorder treatment spaces both online and in real life.

The more that those who must navigate an active state of the condition are provided with information on harm reduction and protection of quality of life, then the more likely they may find themselves in a space where an effort towards full remission becomes feasible. But even when it remains outside the realm of feasibility, through absolutely nothing within the patient’s control, they deserve the opportunity to protect their health and quality of life as this should be an innate right for any patient.

AMAC material with the peacock as the logo to look for if such information is relevant to you. This is material that will be developed over the months and years to come.



Skrifa is Old Norse for “writing.” As there are several heavily referenced, long format documents I have created over the years that provide in-depth information on recovery, I have split out what was once just a blog into categories that better reflect the topics covered on our site: Papers, Conferences, Obesity, Psychology, First Person and Blog.

With the exception of the Fat Series, all other posts now have embedded references at the end of each post. The Fat Series will have references added at a later date.

The Phases of Recovery post is now a thoroughly updated 5-part in-depth series providing comprehensive information on the various facets of recovery.


The videos that were available explaining the basics of recovery have now been removed from this site and the accompanying YouTube channel. There will be new videos made available at a later date to replace the ones that are now unavailable.

Frequently Asked Questions

The section once called the Usual Questions has been reformatted and now resides under Information in the menu as Frequently Asked Questions.

Use Search

The SEARCH tool will enable you to find things if you were used to the previous site and are trying to find things here on the new site.

Thank you for your continuing support and I hope that you will be as thrilled with this new site as I am!