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Since 2011, the Eating Disorder Institute has hosted a set of online discussion forums for individuals wishing to share the challenges and experiences of recovery. Prior to 2013, the forums were open to everyone and had a fairly broad scope. Since that time, we have narrowed the focus to support individuals who are actively pursuing remission from an eating disorder following the Homeodynamic Recovery Method guidelines.

As such, the HDRM Recovery Group Forums are now private and not searchable from the general Internet. The forums are currently not taking new members (March 2018).

The archived forums (prior to 2013) are still open to the general public. Feel free to look around, there's still a lot of great information and interesting threads to be found there.

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These are the discussion groups available to forum members:

You can introduce yourself to the recovery group community here. Site announcements from the Eating Disorder Institute team will also be found here.

Announcements and Introductions

Is This Normal

This forum is for those in active recovery who are dealing with the symptoms of the phases of recovery or are concerned that their symptoms are abnormal or worrisome or are looking for confirmation that they are progressing as expected (e.g., water retention, super fast weight gain, extreme hunger, etc.).

Ask The Community

You are looking for first-hand input from community members who have been there: seeking ideas for dealing with family, friends, health care providers, or wanting feedback to help you figure out next steps.

(TW) Nothing But Triggers (TW)

For when you are disheartened, frustrated, dragging yourself through unpleasant symptoms, or dealing with slips and relapses. You are still expected to be a responsible forum community member and you cannot ignore the forum guidelines just because this discussion group caters to Trigger Warnings; however you do not have to add TW to any post headings in this forum.


Your opportunity to share anything that has helped keep you going in recovery: celebrating wins along the way, sharing inspirational thoughts and messages, providing encouragement and announcing moments of success.

Remission Accomplished

The Remission Accomplished forum is for those who have reached remission in their recovery process and want to share their success story. Remember that remission is a practice and not a static state.

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