I just want to say thank you so much for this website. It has been a life saver, literally, for me and my daughter. She was dismissed by the doctor as not quite skinny enough to qualify for help, and I was dismissed as too controlling. I have felt desperate, but the information and support that you provide on this site has been so so good, and helpful. All the facts about what to expect in recovery, what is normal, and the barriers she has to get through have genuinely been her constant companion and guide. Thank you.

– Rachel

I was a weak, cold, scared, and most of all, hungry 16-year-old. I sometimes find myself wondering what my life would be like now if I hadn't had an eating disorder... And then I realize that...I would've probably developed one at some other point in my life, given that there are just so many triggers out there. So I just wanted to say that I'm extremely grateful...I learned so many lessons from it, found you, met some amazing fellow ED warriors, and learned to love my body for the miraculous thing that it is.

– Paula

You're blog has been very helpful, thank you so much
you just reassured me of everything the doctors have been saying. I'm glad there is awareness of this!

– Millie

I just want to thank you for your site. It's given me the strength I needed to do this. It's also so aesthetically pleasing and your writing
style is pleasant and real and enjoyable to read. You have helped me so much and I am eternally grateful.

– Avalon


I'd just like to use this space to thank you, Gwyneth. I can't thank you enough, as it was this site of yours that gave me the courage and information this January to stand up much more strongly to all the orthorexic beliefs I've been in the grips of for over a decade.

– Mara

I thank you so very much for your detailed response. I cried reading it as it is real and honest - it has detailed scientific research which my head cannot distort, and your honesty as a mother yourself made such an impact. If I could hug you, I would....

– Amanda

Just want to say thank you. Some days i just want to cry and give up. After rereading through your site,
i still cry but continue on my way. So thank you.

– Jen


I just started a day program for anorexia treatment/weight restoration this week. Your blog post about what to expect during the phases of recovery answered all of my questions, concerns, misapprehensions and silly-but-insomnia-causing irrational fears better than anyone at this clinic so far - and it's a freaking well-run clinic, haha. Thank you. Thank you so so much for the detail, clinical and psychological insight and fact, and COMPASSION that you put into this website, and that post.

– Bridget

I just wanted to say thank you for everything you do. You saved me and gave me my life back and I will always be grateful for this. On returning to medical school in September I am hoping to give lectures to my peers based on the information you have provided! If I can make even just a handful of other students have a better understanding of eating disorders this could make a difference to future patients. I will never forget this site or you. You have made me strong, positive and determined again when I had almost given up.

– Jess

Colin Knowles: Flickr.com

I just wanted to let you know that we had a mini group session with the dietician today. She was speaking about how we work with a meal plan and then she went on to specifically recommend [your website] and the MM method [HDRM]. I almost jumped out of my seat!! I was so excited to hear her endorse [this website] to the group. She told everyone how the meal plan is just a minimum, how people on [HDRM, formerly MinnieMaud method] had eaten to hunger cues and done so well on it, she talked about set point theory - she was so much behind everything on [your website].

– Zoe


I'm coming up to year four. Turns out I've actually remained stable in my weight since April 2015...It feels genuine, too - my intake feels very natural and I'm genuinely shocked that the number hasn't budged. I know that this doesn't necessarily mean it won't change ever again, and certainly doesn't mean I will taper - but it's about the first thing that's happened almost according to plan in ages...I graduate in July. I'm set for a first class honours degree, with additional recognition for my volunteering around the university. It's a good time in recovery and when I started getting better, I never thought I'd get here even in a million years.

– Eleanor


I know you've heard this many times before, but you truly have saved my life. I'm 56 years old and have suffered with anorexia for 39 years. I found your site several years ago and finally something made sense...I want to enter my old age robust and healthy ...that is a dream I've always had and I know now it will become a reality... I'm a normal weight for the first time in almost 40 years!

– Joanne

Never in my life had I imagined a topic so close and dear to my heart, a struggle so personal and hidden in my life, to be spoken about, and analyzed in such a brilliant, clear and concise, relatable manner. Your blog...after reading for a few hours, is changing my entire perspective on eating, food and my brain. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

– Jennifer

I wouldn't have made it without your help. I bet it´s pretty exhausting sometimes, to answer the same questions over and over again but you need to know that you are an angel. You really saved my life. Fortunately not physically,
but you gave me back a real life. And I don´t want to know where ED would have sent me... considering how deep I was in my ED just some months in!

– Veronika

... my recovery took a year-long detour into relapse–but...it encouraged me to seek full, in-person treatment....Since last summer I've had a full team, including a psychologist, psychiatrist, nutritionist, and internist. They...have a great track record of helping people achieve stable (and weight-neutral) remission, and are aware of and impressed with [your website]!

– Mary


This type of recovery is such a gift, even though it feels like being dragged through hell by the hair! Spending this past year with reduced mobility, swelling and pain has forced me to slow down and take stock. It is the first time in my life that I have not been rushing around filling in time doing anything to avoid the nagging sense of self hatred. I have had to learn to sit with emotions and let them take their course even though often it was extremely uncomfortable. I [found] courage to go outside in a body I don't recognise and somehow I have managed to find value in myself despite being bigger than I ever thought I would be.

– Pauline

When I first started to look for help online every single website was of a "scared straight" nature, which was horrifying as I had honestly never considered that there might be any long term effects of an eating disorder...I now understood the gravity of the situation in which I had found myself, but I could find zero resources as to how I might get to a better place. Then, through some miracle of googling exactly the right combination of words, I was lead to [your website] ... You convinced me that not eating enough was unhealthy. It sounds simple, but even during...times in my life when I had been in recovery, I had not grasped this concept.

– Sam


Doctors said without drastic changes, I would have 2 to 3 weeks left to live, as all my organs were beginning to shut down after almost 6 years of Anorexia. I was so sick that I thought that maybe it would be the best for me and anybody else if I could just disappear. Doctors gave me until the next day to think about everything and tell them how and if I wanted to continue treatment. The night after that appointment, I remembered that somebody once mentioned something about "MinnieMaud" [HDRM] guidelines and without really expecting a lot, I took a look at your blog. In this night, I read about three quarters of your blog posts, watched all your videos, read recovery stories from people in remission and did a ton of research on my own. And I cannot really say that it was an "Aha"-moment. I don‘t know exactly how it happened, but when I went to bed in the early morning, I had new hope, new determination and new motivation. What‘s strange is that the guidelines are actually not different from what my care team was telling me: „Eat, rest and cognitive behavioral therapy“. But something about the way you explain things, how you write and talk just broke down all the walls I had built around me. After talking everything through very carefully with my care team the next day, I started my own personal MinnieMaud [HDRM]-journey.

– Julia


My wife is a follower on [your website] and it has helped us so much with her ED behaviors and thinking.
She has been in treatments and tried on our own as well. Your site is the only thing that has worked.

– Tony

Thank you again for the marvelous resource that is [your website] and for your own great synthesizing mind! If not for [your website], I'm sure I'd be still pushing myself wondering why I felt so ill, anxious and old....

– Julie

My fiance is attempting to recover using the guidelines that you have listed and discussed in your various posts. I am very hopeful that it will work...but I am feeling more positive about it than I have for months. Thank you.

– David


I just wanted to send a THANK YOU beyond words for how this has helped me. I have read about the Key's study, clinical texts, been to a treatment center in Ohio (big mistake), 3 psychiatrist unit hospitalizations, and am now working with a “team” that knows crap about eating disorders! I was looking for information on probiotics and somehow came across your site and am SO VERY THANKFUL that I did! I'm 37 and have cycled through anorexia for far too many years and am so very ashamed.  THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for the MUCH needed help you have provided on this site. I can fight the eating disorder with FACTS like you have provided here! It honestly helps me. It was especially helpful to read the stages of recovery and I need how many calories? And to have the “extreme hunger” explained helped SO much too. I would try to explain it to treatment professionals, who just didn't “get” it by saying, I'm full but hungry at the same time.

– Catherine