Anicca is the Buddhist term for impermanence. Anicca Managed Active Condition (AMAC) and its logo, the peacock, will mark areas throughout the site where information, research and analysis will be available on minimizing the impacts of an active eating disorder.


Active Eating Disorder

managing the condition

An active eating disorder creates a profound drive to avoid food, although the ways in which that drive is expressed varies greatly from one patient to the next. As living with an active eating disorder inherently involves avoidance, denial of the condition's impact on quality of life is "baked into the cake." However, quality of life can be greatly improved by embracing harm reductive pursuits no matter whether a decision to pursue full remission is forthcoming or not.

Follow the peacock

around the eating disorder institute

While in our modern culture we tend to view the peacock as a show-off, their symbolism historically (across several religions as well) is one of openness, watchfulness (the "eye" within the feather) and resurrection. Wherever the peacock appears on this site, there will be information on harm reductive options when dealing with an active eating disorder.