The Homeodynamic Recovery Method (formerly MinnieMaud Method) is the synthesis seven years’ research and analysis of peer-reviewed published data and empirical evidence as to what methodology might provide the best chance for an adult to reach remission from an active eating disorder.



the body manages itself

Homeodynamics is a way of viewing the human living system as defined by Martha Elizabeth Rogers (1914-1994). It is often also called "nursing theory". The three principles of homeodynamics are that human nature is dynamic, ever-changing and holistic. Within the space of functional medicine, homeodynamics captures the reality that there is no one homeostatic optimal state for any living system, but rather a range that dynamically adjusts in response to internal and external stimuli.


The three "r"s of reaching remission

Re-feeding, resting and brain re-training are the three "r"s of the homeodynamic recovery method (HRDM). It requires eating nothing less than what an age, sex, weight and height-matched individual with no eating disorder eats to support daily energy needs on average. These intake levels are defined by doubly-labeled water method trial clinical data. Resting involves halting all discretionary activity and all formal exercise and workout sessions. Brain re-training is described below.


psychoeducational support & guidance

Prolonged net energy deficits (a combination of restricting food intake and exertion) generate cumulative damage in the body. Any psychoeducational guidance you seek will require that you are actively re-feeding and resting otherwise your brain is too cognitively impaired (due to lack of energy) to absorb and apply all the techniques and knowledge given to you in each session.

Follow the white rabbit

around the eating disorder institute

The HDRM white rabbit (green outline) references following both the white rabbit in Lewis Carroll's Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, and its derivative reference within the Wachowski's movie, the Matrix, where the journey begins with the invitation to choose between the red or blue pill. Following the white rabbit takes you down the rabbit hole into the ever-shifting maze of recovery towards remission.